skies above


Outdoor Inspired Apparel

Step into the world of skies above, where our passion for the great outdoors is stitched into every fiber of our apparel. Founded by the dynamic duo of outdoor enthusiasts, Andy and Aaron Horchen, our brand is a celebration of the wild, the adventurous, and the downright hilarious tales that come with a life spent fishing, camping, and hunting in the heart of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Dive into the wild world of skies above, where our apparel is like a backstage pass to the great outdoors – only with more laughs and fewer mosquitoes! Picture Andy and Aaron Horchen, the masterminds behind the madness, growing up surrounded by fishing rods, tents, and a collection of uncles so crazy they could rival a sitcom. From fly fishing for brown trout on Spruce Creek to playing hide-and-seek with Grouse behind champion bird dogs in the Allegheny National Forest, these guys didn’t just have adventures; they practically invented a new outdoor sport: Extreme Uncle Dodging.

Now, our team of artistic daredevils is crafting designs that capture the essence of these escapades. It’s like taking a stroll through the Hall of Fame of Hilarious Outdoor Memories – only it fits on a T-shirt. With artists who are just as likely to break into a spontaneous hike as they are to sketch a rare bird, our crew knows how to blend creativity with a dash of unpredictability.

Andy and Aaron may not be on permanent vacation (thanks, adulting!), but when they do escape, you can bet they’re swapping the sound of traffic for the rustle of leaves. Joining forces with the rest of our staff, they’re out there, with the skies above and the ground below, creating memories that inspire our next line of ‘laugh-out-loud’ wear.

So, why should you dive headfirst into our outdoor-inspired apparel? Because we’re not just selling shirts; we’re selling tickets to the greatest show on Earth – Nature’s Comedy Extravaganza! Embrace the wild, embrace the laughs, and join us in a never-ending quest for adventure. After all, life’s too short to take seriously, and the skies above are too vast to be anything but hilarious! 🌲🚀 #OutdoorsWithLaughs #SkiesAboveAdventures