About Skies Above

Picture this: Andy and Aaron, armed with fishing rods, camping gear, and the wisdom passed down by their grandfathers, dad, and a few eccentric uncles. Fly fishing for brown trout on the legendary Spruce Creek or chasing Grouse behind champion bird dogs in the rugged Allegheny National Forest – these weren’t just outings; they were epic adventures that laid the foundation for Skies Above

Our designs are more than just graphics on fabric; they’re a reflection of those unforgettable experiences. Each shirt, hoodie, or hat tells a story, capturing the essence of outdoor escapades and the camaraderie that comes with it. We’ve distilled the spirit of fly fishing and the thrill of the hunt into wearable art that not only looks good but also sparks conversations and elicits nods of recognition from fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

But wait, there’s more! Our team isn’t just a bunch of creative minds; they’re outdoor aficionados in their own right. From passionate hikers to avid bird watchers, our artists bring a diverse range of outdoor interests to the design table. The result? Apparel that resonates with the soul of every adventurer, whether you’re scaling peaks or quietly observing the graceful flight of a rare bird.

Now, let’s talk about Andy and Aaron – the masterminds behind it all. They may not have as much time for extended trips to the coast these days due to other obligations, but when they do, you can bet they’re out there, soaking in the sun, breathing in the salty air, and plotting their next big adventure. And guess what? The rest of our team is right there with them, under the open skies, because life is too short to be confined indoors!

So, dear adventurer, why shop with us? Because we don’t just sell apparel; we sell a lifestyle. We invite you to join the Skies Above family – a tribe of outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate quality, craftsmanship, and a good laugh. Embrace the wild, wear it proudly, and let’s embark on this journey together. Your next great outdoor story starts with us!


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Choosing Skies Above outdoor apparel is like adding a touch of humor to nature’s dress code. Because, let’s face it, the great outdoors is best enjoyed with a side of laughter. So, gear up with Skies Above shirts – where every thread tells a tale and every adventure comes with a witty twist. Because your outdoor wardrobe should be as wild and funny as the adventures you embark on. Embrace the joy of the journey with Skies Above – because nature is the backdrop, but the punchline is all yours!

Our Mission at Skies Above

To clothe the world in adventure, one belly laugh at a time. Picture this: a landscape where your wardrobe is as wild as your escapades, where the call of the wild is accompanied by a chorus of chuckles. We’re here to turn mundane into insane, one outrageously funny shirt at a time. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or just surviving another Monday, let Skies Above be your go-to for threads that make a statement – and a punchline! So, gear up, grab a shirt that makes you snort, and let’s conquer the great outdoors together, one guffaw at a time. Skies Above – where the skies are endless, and the laughs are even higher!

Customer Reviews

"Skies Above gear turned my hunting trips into a comedy show! As an avid hunter, I'm used to blending into the wilderness, but now, thanks to these shirts, I'm blending in with laughter too. The designs are so hilarious; I practically had a deer snickering at me. From the camo that doubles as a punchline to the witty graphics that keep me entertained during those patient waits, Skies Above knows how to turn hunting season into open-mic night in the great outdoors. If you love hunting and jokes, this apparel is your secret weapon – consider me a loyal fan, and my hunting buddies are now jealous of my wardrobe, not just my aim!" 🦌😂 #SkiesAboveLaughs #HuntWithHumor"

Ryan Kingham

"Skies Above apparel is the gift-giving hack I've been waiting for! I recently surprised my hunting buddy with one of their shirts, and let me tell you, the laughter was as epic as the hunt. The design was so spot-on, it was like they had a GPS for humor. Gifting a Skies Above shirt is like giving someone a ticket to the front row of the comedy club – only this show comes with the bonus of being outdoors. The quality is top-notch, and the laughs are guaranteed. I'm pretty sure my friend thinks I'm a genius now, but little does he know, it's all thanks to Skies Above. Move over, boring gifts – there's a new sheriff in town, and it's wearing a hilarious shirt!" 🎁🤣 #GiftGoals #SkiesAboveLaughs"

Bill Akers